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How To Set Up Surround Sound At Home

Surround sound is absolutely amazing, and it’s a great way to enjoy any movie that you may be playing at home. Having surround sound attached to an entertainment system, can help you to enjoy the movie, similar to how you would enjoy it in a movie theater. The louder the surround sound is, the

How To Hack The Staples ‘easy’ Button

The office supply chain Staples sells a marketing item, the “Easy” button, that normally produces an audio clip that proclaims “That was easy” when depressed. This relatively simple hack will change things so that you can replace that phrase with your own message. Tools 1 Staples easy button. 1 screwdriver or drill. 1 Dremel

How To Buy Pokemon Cards

It has now been over 15 years that the enchanting world of Pokemon has been presented to the public. There are toys, movies, card games and much more, but we are looking at the Pokemon card game and how to buy Pokemon cards. Make sure you look for the following things when you are

How To Make A DIY Laptop Holder For Your Photo Tripod

Photography enthusiasts will love this do-it-yourself solution to keeping their laptop or netbook in convenient reach when using a tri-pod. With a few inexpensive supplies, photo seekers can connect their cameras directly to their mobile device without having to attach a multitude of cables and wires that just get in the way. Follow these

How To Use Kindle On iPad

Tired of having too many devices lying around? Cellphones, iPads, Kindles, iPods, Fitbits, etc… Here is a simple way to use one less device. You can download the Kindle App for the iPad. It is simple, and allows you to read all of your favorite timeless classics or current bestsellers in one simple application

How To Renew IP Address In Windows 7

The Internet protocol, or IP, address is the location of your computer online. It is used to identify your computer so that your provider can route information to and from the connection. There are times when an IP address becomes a problem. Fortunately, you can do something about this from home. You should know

How To Win Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum is the third and final game in the ‘Diamond and Pearl’ Generation IV series of releases. Platinum, which is played on the Nintendo DS, landed in stores all over the world in the summer of 2009. Since its release it has gone on to become one of the most popular Pokemon games

How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone

You’re on the phone, and you are about to take a nice warm bath, and while talking, you bend over to grab something in the tub, only to end up dropping your phone into the tub of water. This scenario is something that is absolutely devastating, and it happens all the time. Phones can

How To Make A High-tech Spy Stethoscope

If Hollywood movies are any indication, spies have everything–transforming cars, irresistible charm and good looks, and the ability to hear through walls or safes. Many of us grew up with the dream of one day becoming spies ourselves. Transforming cars are still a dream, however, and there is nothing anyone can do about your

James Bond Nightvision Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable tech project and you’re a James Bond or spy fan in general then make yourself a pair of nightvision glasses. These glasses can be made for only around $20 and they’ll help you see in the dark, spot security cameras and also hide your face when

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